Growing Together

For more than two decades, Fischer Farms has been an essential part of the vibrant tapestry of Southern Indiana. Renowned for their steadfast dedication to sourcing only the finest ingredients, they have become a cornerstone for countless local eateries. As we endeavor to provide you with the ultimate dining experience, we are privileged to serve the certified grass-fed, GMO-free, farm to table meat at Four Cornered Steakhouse as we strive for culinary excellence.

As a beacon of American ingenuity and craftsmanship, Terre Haute Brewing Company embodies a rich tradition of quality brewing, proudly holding the esteemed title of America’s second oldest operational brewery. Since its founding in 1837, THBC has delighted palates and pushed boundaries with its innovative brews, leaving an indelible mark on the world of craft beer. We are honored to feature THBC products throughout our property, inviting guests to savor the timeless flavors of this iconic brewery.